Things to Be Thankful For…A Record-Breaking Year at SBC Voices

We don’t publish our page-views, which is the easiest way to judge traffic on a blog, and I am not going to do so here. But we have had an amazing year at SBC Voices, judging by our page views.

Thank you for being a part of it.

Last year, 2017, was actually down a little. We were running the Pastors’ Conference and tended to ignore the blog and then after the conference, we were all kinda burned out. If it weren’t for William Thornton’s consistent contributions we’d have shrunk to nothing.

But this year we broke pretty much every traffic record our Jetpack stats track – except for the one-day record. Some of the controversies in the SBC played a huge role in that of course – no doubt about it. We just about doubled our monthly record in June. By late September or early October, we had already had our busiest year ever!

I am grateful for all the contributors and those who help to administrate and moderate the blog. We are still struggling with what to do about commenting, of course – we ignored and de-emphasized commenting for much of the year, even as our traffic grew.

There are some major changes that will be coming to SBC Voices in 2019, changes I hope will improve things, of course. We still hope to figure out a better system for moderating comments and facilitating discussion. We vacillate from doing away with comments completely to just letting them go with little moderation to having comments with strict moderation. We keep batting it around and never come up with a complete idea for what to do.

But thanks for reading what we write. We appreciate the privilege of being a part of this site and hope to continue to make it better.