Veggietales sold to Dreamworks

A well known Christian animation company, Big Idea, has announced today that they have agreed to be acquired by fellow animation behemoth, Dreamworks Animations. The sale is rumored to be for a whopping $155 Million.

Dreamworks is best known for movies like Shrek and Madagascar. Could a Veggietales/Shrek adventure be in the works? Time will tell whether this has any bearing on the direction of the Veggietales franchise.

Big Idea is seemingly agreeable to the purchase:

“As we approach celebrating Big Idea’s 20th anniversary [in 2013], we couldn’t be more pleased to join the DreamWorks Animation team,” Big Idea general manager Leslie Ferrell told media representatives. “DreamWorks Animation respects and supports Big Idea’s successful history in producing faith-based, family friendly entertainment and is committed to supporting our growth. We expect many wonderful things to come of this partnership.”