Florida Church Faces Eviction over Preaching on Homosexuality

Impact Miami, a church associated with Southern Baptist Convention, is being threatened with eviction by the Miami-Dade School district over two messages preached on the scriptural reason again homosexuality. Pastor Jack Hakimian, drew the ire of school superintendent, Alberto Carvalho, when he preached two message on the sin of homosexuality. One of the sermons was titled, “Gays and Sex Addicts Can Change and Should Change.  Another was titled, “Pedophiles Use the Same Argument as Homosexuals and the Weed Smoking Community.”


Pastor Hakimian warns that other churches will be targeted if this action is allowed to proceed. The church has to recieve any formal eviction paperwork from the school board but they seeking legal council on the matter.


Source: http://gofbw.com/news.asp?ID=14231