FBC Hammond Claims “More United than Ever” after Schaap Abuse Case

First Baptist Church in hammond, Indiana is claiming to be more united than before in the aftermath of the scandal involving former pastor, Jack Schaap. Schaap, 54 years old, had been fired after it was inadvertenly discovered he was having an immoral relationship with a 16 year old girl.

“People are very pleased at how fast our deacon board acted in the dismissal of our former pastor. Seems like that has helped them, the fact that they made the right choice and they are very open,” said Eddie Wilson, spokesperson and public relations director, tool the Christian Post in a phone interview on Monday.

“But the church is actually more unified today than it ever has been,” Wilson continued. “There’s a sense of commitment on the member part to see that the church goes forward. We are 125 years old, a big congregation, and they are all very committed to making sure that the church succeeds. You get a real sense of unity, commitment, hope – it’s not all doom and gloom. The past two Sunday services have been exciting, they have been powerful.”

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