Participation of US Embassy in Gay Parade Results in Protests

Two heads of the Southern Baptist convention entities have joined hands with pro-family leaders of 11 countries to protest against the participation of the US embassy in a “gay pride” parade in the Czech Republic.

President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Paige Patterson and the President of ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Richard Land are the two who have signed the letter of protest. The letter was signed by close to 120 more.

Dorothy, Patterson’s wife, a professor of theology in women’s studies attached to the seminary in Fort Worth, Texas also has endorsed the paper.

In the letter sponsored by the World Congress on Families (WCF), the signatories have expressed that they couldn’t imagine of anything worse than Washington trying to force gay culture on societies where family values are prevailing.

According to the letter, US President directs the spread of gay culture internationally and also promotes marriage among people of the same sex. They also stigmatize and marginalize anyone who opposes them.

In addition to the staff of the US participating in the parade, US ambassador, Norman Eisen gave a speech at the opening of the Pride of Prague festival supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB) rights. According to Washington Times, there were eight more ambassadors supporting the LGBT rights.

US ambassadors of many other countries have participated in such events too. But the United Nations has never affirmed marriage among homosexuals.

According to Patterson and Land, many important people from the US have signed the paper. WCF is represented by over 60 countries and they are committed to restore family values.