Racism is Still a Problem according to a Black Baptist

According to David Shosanya, a black Baptist leader in the UK, apart from statements on racial inclusion, the church has to do a lot to eradicate racism in denominational structures. He has made this comment in a statement he has given to “Keep the Faith”, a Pentecostal magazine. Also, he has mentioned that some might accuse him of washing dirty linen in public as he is a black minister working in a denomination led by whites.

He further said that he wish to point out that affected people read the texts of new testament without attributing the same sentiments towards Jesus who also was a critique of the culture and faith from which he emerged according to the article which was republished in “Baptist Times”.

Shosanya also said that whites who dominate the denominations do not understand the difficulties they face when they try to explain the actions of denominations. He laments even the whites who talk a lot on what inclusivity agendas could do secretly agree with the majority whites.

Even when working with whites who appear to be champions of social justice, blacks need to be careful as they also have their covert aspirations. It has been understood that they try to secure their positions at the expense of those whom they try to represent.

He said these advocates derive pleasure by talking on their behalf rather than listening to them. Their advocacy often is to be on power through the help of the community they speak for. In short, the church also has to do a lot to as regards racial issues as same as the society in general.