First Baptist Dallas Pastor, Robert Jeffress Wants Christians to Cast their Votes for Romney

According to the beliefs of pastor, Stephen Andrew, the president of the Christian Ministries of USA, Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist, Dallas must repent as he is disobeying scripture by his action of leading Christians to vote for Romney who is a Mormon. It is a sin to lead Americans away from Jesus according to him.

Bible and the forefathers of the American nation teach Americans to vote for a Christian. It is their duty to select Christian rulers.

Mormon faith believes that Romney will become a god after his death. Also, they think Christians are inferior.

According to the president of Christian Ministries Americans should not vote for either Obama or Romney who are nonbelievers of Jesus. Instead, they should vote for a Christian.

Previous generations of Americans wouldn’t have allowed sins that are taking place today. Unaccomplished preachers have caused judgment of the god on corruption, poor economy and debt. These things are explained in scriptures in Bible.

To lead Americans away from Jesus Christ is a worse kind of sin than to allow abortion and homosexuality according to Stephen Andrew.

He further says that god loves Americans and if they all vote for the Christian Ron Paul and make him the president, the Holy Spirit will be there in the White House.

Both Obama and Romney agree on jailing Americans who disagree on NDAA and thereby violate the constitution. Ron Paul is able to reverse this and liberate Americans. The ministry president believes that since Ron Paul is Biblically correct he could rescue America from the present status.

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