The World’s Largest Motorcycle Rally Used by Baptists to Spread the Gospel

Thousands of motorcyclists from the world over congregate in Sturgis, a small town of 6,600 people in South Dakota for the world’s largest motorcycle rally. In the meantime, the churches of the Dakota Baptist convention and Southern Baptists who come from all over the US get together to spread the Gospel.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of bikers who participated this year, 315 have accepted Christ. They are bated to hearing a three minute testimony made by workers with a brand new Harley Davidson “Switchback” motorcycle.

According to Director of Dakota Baptists Convention, Garvon Golden, they have given away Harley Davidson bikes in seven of the 72 conventions they had so far.  According to him they will do anything that is not unethical to attract the attention of people to the tent where the workers provide the testimonies of 3 minute duration.

This year, a biker who has come from Japan devoted his life to Christ.

The number of volunteers was around 150. Churches around the area provided various facilities. Many of the volunteers have witnessed the power and love of the God.

While some of the volunteers caught passers by the tent and led them to the tent there are others who share their testimonies with them. There are many success stories in making the people devoting their lives to God.

One of the volunteers explained how he saved the cashier on the final day. When she asked what he was doing he told her of his experience with the god. Cashier accepted Jesus over the cash register and she was saved according to him.