Racism is Still a Problem according to a Black Baptist

According to David Shosanya, a black Baptist leader in the UK, apart from statements on racial inclusion, the church has to do a lot to eradicate racism in denominational structures. He has made this comment in a statement he has given to “Keep the Faith”, a Pentecostal magazine. Also, he has mentioned that some might accuse him of washing dirty linen in public as he is a black minister working in a denomination led by whites.

He further said that he wish to point out that affected people read the texts of new testament without attributing the same sentiments towards Jesus who also was a critique of the culture and faith from which he emerged according to the article which was republished in “Baptist Times”.

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Author, Pastor and Professor, Calvin Miller Passes Away at the Age of 75 Years

Calvin A. Miller the best-selling Christian author, a theologian and a seminary professor, passed away on Sunday August 19, at the age of 75, due to complications of an open heart surgery.

He has been a Southern Baptist pastor and a professor in Southern Baptist Seminary located in Fort Worth, Texas. From 1999 to 2007 he has been attached to Beeson Divinity School of Samford University. He was the professor of preaching and pastoral ministry there.

Known as a writer of love letters to God, he has written fiction non-fiction as well as poetry.

George also wrote that Beeson and the entire world of Christ will miss him as Miller had a great love towards Jesus Christ.

Recently, Miller wrote “Letters to Heaven” a book in which he wrote letters of love to those who have died before him. C.S. Lewis was one he has mentioned in the book.

Miller wrote his memoirs in his book “Life is Mostly Edges” in 1998. He was the pastor who founded Westside Baptist Church, Omaha, Nebraska in 1966. Starting with 100 members he led the congregation for 25 years and the membership rose to 2500.

Miller’s bachelor’s degree was from Oklahoma Baptist University and his M.Div. and D. Min. degrees were from Midwestern Theological Seminary located in Kansas City.

He is survived by his wife Barbara Joyce and his children Timothy and Melanie.

Participation of US Embassy in Gay Parade Results in Protests

Two heads of the Southern Baptist convention entities have joined hands with pro-family leaders of 11 countries to protest against the participation of the US embassy in a “gay pride” parade in the Czech Republic.

President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Paige Patterson and the President of ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Richard Land are the two who have signed the letter of protest. The letter was signed by close to 120 more.

Dorothy, Patterson’s wife, a professor of theology in women’s studies attached to the seminary in Fort Worth, Texas also has endorsed the paper.

In the letter sponsored by the World Congress on Families (WCF), the signatories have expressed that they couldn’t imagine of anything worse than Washington trying to force gay culture on societies where family values are prevailing.

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