Program # 3230 Jim Fitzgerald, Part 2

3230 Jim Fitzgerald - Part 2: (Policeman, Prison Ministry) Jim continues to attend Lorraine's Bible study, and their children tag along to see what's come over their father. In less than a year all are saved. Jim's daughter has a serious eye injury after which he gives up smoking. One of his sons becomes a missionary in Ecuador; then Jim and Lorraine go to Ireland as missionaries. When they return, he goes into prison ministry, even serving those on death row.

Program #3229 Jim Fitzgerald, Part 1

3229 Jim Fitzgerald - Part 1: (Alcohol, Policeman) After ten years as a police officer and tangling with the powers-that-be, Jim has a drinking problem. He quits the police department and struggles to find a job. Finally, he becomes a car salesman and succeeds but drinks even more. Moving across the country doesn't change anything, and his wife nearly leaves him because of his carousing. The first part ends as his wife joins a Bible study and Jim begins to question what he thinks he knows.

Program # 3228 John Deming Classic

3228 John Deming Classic: (Physically Deformed, Lonely, Divorced, Dejected) From Freeport, Michigan, John has overly large hands and feet, and is teased or ignored throughout his life. He has no friends, no one to love him. His attitude begins to impact his work and he loses his job. Returning to live with his father, John finds his father has remarried. After a couple of months, his step-mother throws him out. He wanders the country and marries a woman in Pennsylvania. It is a good life for several years until John's factory lays him off. His wife gives him a month to find another job, then throws him out. He makes his way to Chicago and PGM where he finds his loneliness filled when he receives Christ.

Program # 3227 LaVerne Poole Classic

3227 LaVerne Poole Classic: (Rebellion, Crime) LaVerne's father gambles and cheats and brings home money that LaVerne's mother refuses to accept. What a contrast in parents! His mother then brings home a believer who shares the Gospel that his dad rejects. LaVerne's dad goes to hear an evangelist in order to mock and ends up getting saved. As a teenager LaVerne rebels against the faith, hangs out with hoodlums and is arrested. He steals a gun, planning a robbery, but stopping by Pacific Garden Mission changes everything.