MOVIES: Merit vs. depravity for Oscar

The 2014 Academy Award nominees should be very grateful that only the technical and artistic merits of their work will be judged. Whatever positive messages may be contained in most, albeit not all, of the likely frontrunners, their themes are eclipsed by noxious and extreme content, says reviewer Phil Boatwright.

Woman finds relief through Mission:Dignity

Anna Streeter, 84, was down to three hot dogs and one bottle of apple juice in her refrigerator. After working for 30 years with Southern Baptist churches, Streeter was unable to make ends meet. She received help soon after calling Mission: Dignity.

2nd VIEW: Send conference among NAMB highlights

The North American Mission Board reflects on a year of stories regarding its new outreach emphasis to the under-reached, under-served areas of North America -- and efforts to encourage every Southern Baptist church to be more involved in introducing North Americans to Jesus Christ.