2018 Bracket Challenge

Good evening!

We’ve done this before, so that makes it a tradition. We are Baptists, after all, and tradition is tradition, even if the times they are a-changin’. So, without further ado, here’s the link/information for the 2018 Bracket Challenge and the SBCVoices18 Group:

Go to ESPN and sign up for the Tournament Challenge. Search for the SBCVoices18 group to join. The group password is:


Please understand that this is strictly in reference to the New York Baseball team and its newly acquired farm team in Miami and is not meant as a slight at those who live north of the line. It’s all about annoying Dave Miller, which has become kind of a hobby of mine these past few years. It’s cheaper than fishing and requires no license.

Prizes will be determined after I figure out if I’m going to win. All are welcome, even if you did a CBS Bracket with Scott’s league.

Please keep in friendly, unless you are annoying Dave and then go all-in.