Albert Mohler, 5 Reasons to be Thankful for the President of SBTS

Albert Mohler, 5 Reasons to be Thankful for the President of SBTS

Albert Mohler has served as the President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) for over 25 years now. Here are 5 reasons to be thankful for him:

1. He has led SBTS to be the largest seminary in the world. According to the recent report (2017-2018) by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), SBTS has passed Fuller Seminary, and is now the largest seminary in the world. A conservative, confessional, inerrancy-believing, complementarianism-teaching, gospel-preaching seminary is the largest seminary in the world; let that sink in. Our culture would have us to believe this isn’t possible. Yet, God has used Al Mohler to bring it to pass.

2. He was instrumental in the conservative resurgence. When Albert Mohler became the President of SBTS in February 1993, it was one of the SBC’s most theologically liberal seminaries. Today, 25 years later, it is one of the most conservative seminaries in the world. Besides Paige Patterson and Adrian Rogers, I don’t believe there is another person who was more instrumental in the Conservative Resurgence. Similar to how there is only one Paige Patterson in the SBC; there is only one Al Mohler. The SBC is indebted to them and the many men and women who fought for the Bible in those many tumultuous years.

3. He is one of America’s most influential evangelicals. Mohler has been named one of the leading and most influential evangelicals in the United States in the the past according to Time and Christianity Today. Again, an inerrancy-believing, complementarianism-teaching, gospel-preaching Southern Baptist is one of our nation’s most influential evangelicals. Our society would have us to believe this isn’t possible.

4. He was instrumental in crafting the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. Dr. Mohler served on the committee that crafted the BF&M2K. He also helped return SBTS to the confession of her charter, The Abstract of Principles. All professors must sign and teach in accordance with the Abstract and the BF&M2K. Dr. Mohler’s emphasis on confessionalism ensures the future doctrinal fidelity of SBTS and indirectly, the doctrinal fidelity of the SBC itself. There is not another seminary in the SBC that is training more SBC pastors than SBTS; and these pastors often take that confessionalism with them to SBC churches.

5. He serves as an excellent example for engaging image-bearers with the gospel. Dr. Mohler’s The Briefing is one of the most popular Christian podcasts today. Through this program and his numerous books, Dr. Mohler helps Christians engage people and their ideas with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He helps us to apply a Christian worldview consistently to every aspect of life. In this way, he’s not only a champion for Southern Baptists but for evangelicals of all stripes as well.

Dr. Mohler, my wife, my children, my church, and the lost I will reach (Lord willing) are indebted to you… for I am indebted to you. I do not know if I would be the Christian man I am today without your influence. I thank God for you brother. I hope you have 25+ years left in you as President of SBTS.

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In this video from 1993, Dr. Mohler answers questions from students dealing with the Abstract of Principles, his lack of age and experience, vision for the seminary, women in ministry, personhood of women, homosexuality, etc. 

The following video was presented to the full trustee board when they recommended Al Mohler as the next president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1993. Various leaders, past Presidents, pastors, theologians, and Mohler are interviewed, detailing the reasons why Mohler is qualified and should be the next President of SBTS. They interviewed Duke McCall, Adrian Rogers, Richard Land, Timothy George, James Draper, and others. This video is fascinating.

*Once you hit play, the video starts with about 10-15 seconds of a black screen. It was made in 1993 :).


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5 Reasons to be Thankful for Paige Patterson, President of SWBTS

This article was originally posted at my site. I’m married with four children, an SBC pastor, a PhD student at SBTS, and an average Southern Baptist. I’ve authored two books. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Udemy, YouTube, and iTunes (Podcast).

Paige Patterson is President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS). He’s faithfully led this SBC seminary since 2003. Here are 5 reasons to be thankful for Paige Patterson.

1. He is a living hero of the Conservative Resurgence. The SBC as you know it, with its thriving entities, cooperative program, theological conservatism, and confessional fortitude, would not be here without the work of Paige Patterson. All Southern Baptists should be thankful for Paige Patterson, if for this reason alone. The reason why we’re not debating among ourselves over whether or not homosexual acts are sin and whether or not biological men and women can self-identify their gender is because of the unwavering perseverance of Paige Patterson, and men and women like him. Look around you at the other denominations that comprised on the inerrancy of Scripture in the past 50 years. Look at where they are now, what they’re debating. That would have been our future or worse if not for Dr. Patterson (SOURCE. Also, you can access the AWESOME “Paige Patterson Conservative Resurgence Collection” digital archive of SWBTS for free here.).

(Young people, listen. Those of us who were not born or were only kids (I’m 36) during the Conservative Resurgence (1970’s-2000’s), may lack gratitude for those brave men who came before us. It’s not easy to stand up against the arrows of the evil one, demanding we compromise on the clear teaching of Scripture or else. That’s why so many denominations have wilted and bowed to the culture’s whim. But Patterson and others did not bow, they fought in the face of great opposition. Do you not think that they were ridiculed, called names, threatened, etc.? They had many, many nights of weeping, many nights of temptation to compromise, but they stood strong. You and I and all Southern Baptists stand on their shoulders. Without them, there would not be an “us,” there would not be an SBC as we know it.)

2. He affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. He appointed the committee that crafted the BF&M2K, and he presided over the session as SBC President that adopted the confession (SOURCE). This confession and holding our entities to it, helps ensure that we will never need another Conservative Resurgence. But make no mistake, we must always defend the truth, or else we sleep and the thief comes in to steal, kill, and destroy.

3. His evangelistic zeal is second to none. I cannot name another person in the SBC that has more evangelistic zeal than Paige Patterson. When I hear him preach, I find myself often guilt-ridden, not due to my lack of evangelism, but due to the greatness of his. I’m not sure if there is anyone comparable to him in this area, and I’m praying God raises up others in the likeness of President Patterson.

4. He’s passing on his evangelistic fervor to many generations. If you read Patterson’s report at the SBC ’17 (SOURCE), or any of his past annual reports, one common thread is personal evangelism. He expects and encourages both his faculty and his students to exercise personal evangelism on a daily basis. If the SBC needs anything to go with its defense of the verbal-plenary inspiration of Scripture, it’s a heavy emphasis on personal evangelism. God can raise up another Billy Graham anywhere; He’s God. But one should assume that the next Billy Graham will be educated, encouraged, and prodded by other faithful Christians; and SWBTS is an institution that can do that, in large part, because Paige Patterson is at the helm.

5. He’s encouraged growth in reaching ethnic students. The ethnic student body has grown at SWBTS “from 1,295 ethnic students in 2014-2015 to 1,477 ethnic students in 2015- 2016” (SOURCE). The gospel is for the nations; seminary education is for the nations. Our SBC seminaries need to reflect more and more the New Jerusalem, the New Heavens and New Earth. We need to reach the nations and one of the best ways to do that is to educate Christians from the nations who will then take the gospel back to their nations. Many nations gather around the throne of the Lamb to worship in the end (Rev. 7:9); may all nations gather today in our SBC seminaries, SBC entities, and especially our SBC churches as well!

There are many others reasons to be thankful for Dr. Patterson. I’ve only listed a few; his resume’ reads like a myth or legend. God has used him in a mighty way. The SBC needs more men and women like him.

Thank you for your hard work and perseverance Dr. Patterson. I’m indebted to you. My wife and children are indebted to you. Evangelicalism is indebted to you. The SBC is indebted to you.

*Be sure to listen to Dr. Patterson’s presentation from SWBTS at the Southern Baptist Convention 2017.

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SBC PC: Mark Dever Speaks about John Onwuchekwa

As you know, each of the speakers for this year’s SBC Pastors’ Conference in Phoenix, AZ was nominated by someone.  I asked each speaker’s nominator to answer a few questions about the person they nominated, and we have been posting their responses here at SBC Voices over the last few months.

John Onwuchekwa is one of the speakers for the conference.  He will be preaching Sunday evening from Philippians 1:12-26.  John is the pastor of a church plant in Atlanta, GA called Cornerstone Church.  He was nominated by Mark Dever.  I recently had the opportunity to speak with Mark Dever about John, and I want to share some of the highlights of that conversation with you.

Capitol Hill Baptist Church, where Mark Dever pastors, does a number of things to equip pastors.  One of those things is the 9 Marks weekender where they host around 100 pastors, seminarians, and church leaders for a full-on immersion in the life and inner workings of CHBC.  It was through one of these weekender conferences that Mark first got to know John.  Their friendship continued to grow from there.  CHBC also has a pastoral internship program where they receive 6 interns for a five or six month period of intense discipleship and training in pastoral ministry.  John was able to participate in that internship program several years ago at an important time in his life and ministry.

When asked why he nominated John to speak at the Pastors’ Conference, Mark said that in addition to him meeting the criteria of being the pastor of a smaller membership church, “John preaches the Bible really, really well.”  Mark’s confidence in John’s preaching ability is demonstrated in the fact that he has had John speak on several occasions at 9 Marks conferences.  John is even scheduled to speak at a pre-conference in Phoenix June 9-10.

Mark’s respect for John and thankfulness for what the Lord has done in John’s life was evident in our conversation.  Mark described John as a delightful person.  He spoke of John’s commitment to the Word and desire to faithfully shepherd God’s people.  We are excited to have John speaking at this year’s SBC Pastors’ Conference.

If you have not yet made plans to be in Phoenix for the conference, do so now.  It promises to be a great time as we gather to hear from God through His Word.  If you aren’t able to make it to the conference, be sure to catch the livestream beginning Sunday evening.

Offering for the ERLC – SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 2017

This article was originally posted at my site. I’m married with four children, an SBC pastor, a PhD student at SBTS, and an average Southern Baptist. I’ve authored two books. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Udemy, YouTube, and iTunes (Podcast).

The church I pastor, Cumberland Homesteads Baptist Church in Crossville, TN, is planning to take up an offering for the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) on June 4, 2017. I want to encourage your church to do the same (Add it to your Church Calendar). Why June 4? This date is the Sunday before June 8, which marks 228 years from when James Madison first presented his constitutional amendments (Bill of Rights) to the House of Representatives (Source). Madison included religious liberty (the 1st Amendment) in large part due to the work of Baptist pastor John Leland, who threatened to run for Madison’s seat if he did not plead the Baptist cause for religious liberty (Source). Madison kept his word to defend religious liberty and the rest is history.

What is the ERLC’s purpose? “The ERLC is dedicated to engaging the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ and speaking to issues in the public square for the protection of religious liberty and human flourishing. Our vision can be summed up in three words: kingdom, culture and mission” (Source).

Who leads the ERLC? The ERLC President is Dr. Russell Moore. He has courageously and faithfully lead the ERLC since 2013. He has lead the ERLC to speak and act in accordance with our confession (BF&M2K, especially Article XVII. Religious Liberty), to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the ministry statement approved by Southern Baptists (included below), and he has spoken in line with the SBC resolution “On Moral Character of Public Officials” (1998). By all accounts, he is a faithful Christian, husband, father, Southern Baptist, leader, and preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. God has used him mightily and I look forward to seeing how God uses him and the ERLC in the future.

All love offering checks can be made to the “ERLC” and mailed to

901 Commerce Street
Suite 550
Nashville, TN 37203

If you would like to make an individual donation, you can also donate online here.


The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)

Ministry Statement Approved (by the SBC) June 1997


The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission exists to assist the churches by helping them understand the moral demands of the gospel, apply Christian principles to moral and social problems and questions of public policy, and to promote religious liberty in cooperation with the churches and other Southern Baptist entities.


1. Assist Churches in applying the moral and ethical teachings of the Bible to the Christian life.

Provide research, information resources, consultation, and counsel to denominational entities, churches and individuals with regard to the application of Christian principles in everyday living and the nation’s public life.

2. Assist churches through the communication and advocacy of moral and ethical concerns in the public arena.

Represent Southern Baptists in communicating the ethical positions of the Southern Baptist Convention to the public and to public officials.

3. Assist churches in their moral witness in local communities.

Provide information resources that inform and equip churches for active moral witness in their communities.

4. Assist churches and other Southern Baptist entities by promoting religious liberty.

Provide information and counsel to denominational entities, churches, and individuals regarding appropriate responses to religious liberty concerns; represent Southern Baptists in communicating the positions of the Southern Baptist Convention on religious liberty issues to the public and to public officials.