Program #3536 Dr. Tatagiri Gurappa Classic

3536 Dr. Tatagiri Gurappa Classic (Poverty, Hinduism) Tatagiri grew up in an extremely poor Hindu family from the untouchable caste in Southern India. When a nephew dies with no medical care, he hopes to become a doctor to the poor, but has no means to do so. He attends Christian school in his village, earns excellent marks and wins a scholarship to college. He comes to faith in Jesus through a sister and brother-in-law, becomes a doctor and serves the poorest of the poor.

Program #3535 James Craig

3535 James Craig (Addiction, Tragedy, Deliverance) Jim begins alcohol and drug use as a young teenager and quickly uses stronger and more dangerous narcotics which almost take his life. Unknown to him, his girlfriend, Julie, becomes a Christian and shows him unexpected kindness. Jim reluctantly attends her baptism and afterwards accepts Christ. Later, their church rallys around them when their home burns down. Today, Jim leads a powerful prison ministry in the county where they live.

Program #3533 Stephen Welch

3533 Stephen Welch (Idolatry, Backsliding, Second Chances) With a wife and 4 children, a beautiful home, and a wildly successful company, Stephen Welch was living the American dream. They were attending church and even holding Bible studies, but something started to creep in and take the rightful place of God. He began to really like things: more vacations, bigger homes, another BMW. Stephen would go from riches to rags to a richness of a different kind.