FIRST-PERSON: Ferguson and you

John Mark Yeats, dean of the College at Midwestern Seminary, shares about an "uncomfortable conversation" he recently had with his son who is African American. The conversation involved racial tensions that still exist today and the fatal shooting of an unarmed black youth by a St. Louis police officer.

Nigeria death toll higher than reported

The death toll from Boko Haram's takeover of the predominantly Christian town of Gwoza is nearly 1,000, not the 100 included in many news reports, Nigerian relations expert Adeniyi Ojutiku told Baptist Press.

After teen’s death, Baptists pray & serve

Missouri Baptists gathered for prayer Aug. 13 in Ferguson, Mo., before a fifth night of turbulent protests erupted over the fatal shooting of an African American teenager by a local police officer. Baptists also have been part of the cleanup of storefronts damaged by looters in the aftermath of the death of Michael Brown.