Program #3224 Norma Finley, Part 2

3224 Norma Finley Pt 2: (abuse, fear) Norma's daughter accuses Ernie of molestation, but he continues to keep Norma trapped and beaten into submission. During one of Ernie's violent attacks on Norma, their daughters escape, call the police and accuse Ernie of molesting them, too. The children are taken into custody and Norma finally escapes. She goes to a rescue mission where she prays for salvation. Ernie dies of cancer and after a year, Norma regains custody of her children.

Program #3223 Norma Finley, Part 1

3223 Norma Finley Pt 1: (abuse, fear) Norma is shy and fearful of people. The family attends church until her father and mother have affairs that lead to fighting at home, driving Norma to quit school and marry at 16. Her husband abandons her just as her father goes to prison for shooting a man. Norma's slide into immorality includes drinking and a baby born out of wedlock. Then she meets and marries Ernie, a drunken abuser who keeps her pregnant and stuck at home when they aren't moving from one state to another. The first part ends as she hears the gospel in the hospital.

The World’s Largest Motorcycle Rally Used by Baptists to Spread the Gospel

Thousands of motorcyclists from the world over congregate in Sturgis, a small town of 6,600 people in South Dakota for the world’s largest motorcycle rally. In the meantime, the churches of the Dakota Baptist convention and Southern Baptists who come from all over the US get together to spread the Gospel.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of bikers who participated this year, 315 have accepted Christ. They are bated to hearing a three minute testimony made by workers with a brand new Harley Davidson “Switchback” motorcycle.

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