Program # 3234 “Joseph”

3234 "Joseph": (Adultery, Pornography) Joseph discovers his dad's pornography in the basement and is hooked by age 10. Hoping to change, he goes with his mother to church and reads the Bible. Then his father dies and Joseph has a motorcycle accident in which his sister is fatally injured. Joseph begins patronizing prostitutes, even after his marriage. Unable to stop, he seeks help for two years. A counselor tells him to confess and his wife files for divorce. Joseph gets treatment at a Christian center for sexual sin but loses his family. He's now a counselor.

Program # 3232 Bill Staley, Part 2

3232 Bill Staley - Part 2: (Prison, Violence, Entrepreneur) Bill is paroled then commits robbery and is re-sentenced to more time in prison. His violence results in 60 additional years added to his sentence and he is put on 4-point restraints and kept in isolation for 7 years. Staying drunk and high, his sexual activity caused him to contract HIV. He hears "Unshackled!" and prays for salvation, but backslides and nearly dies of shingles. Finally, a prison ministry comes and he surrenders to Christ. He's freed, has a business and serves in prison ministry.

Program # 3231 Bill Staley, Part 1

3231 Bill Staley - Part 1: (Abuse, Bitterness, Crime) Blind in one eye, Bill is ridiculed for poor balance. An uncle abused him when he's seven and Bill develops resentment to the law that threatens to breakup his family. He steals and is sent to a boys' ranch where a doctor shares the Gospel and wants to adopt him. When Bill is punished without cause, he begins a life of violence, stealing cars and repeatedly escaping from reform school. The first part ends with him in prison.