Program # 3260 Rick Murdock, Part 2

3260 Rick Murdock Classic Part 2: (Reconciliation) Rick leaves home; then realizes his responsibility and returns. After his son and Gloria are saved, he musters courage to call his parents and shares the Gospel. Six months later his dad is dying of cancer. Rick continues to witness to and pray with his dad. Rick goes to Bible College and becomes a preacher. After 48 years of marriage, Gloria dies and Rick reunites with Norma, his first wife, now widowed.

Program # 3259 Rick Murdock, Part 1

3259 Rick Murdock Classic Part 1: (Alcohol, Thief, Hatred) Rick begins stealing at age eleven and joins the army at 17 to get away from home. He goes AWOL numerous times and is kept in solitary confinement. He does well in Korea but gets drunk and disorderly afterward and receives a general discharge. He marries Gloria, goes back to stealing, using his job with a burglary alarm company. After a fight with his parents, hatred divides them for 11 years. The first part ends as Rick is saved.

Program # 3258 Lillian Wise Classic

3258 Lillian Wise Classic: (Religion, Nervous Breakdown) Her godly grandmother raises Lillian after her mother dies, but they live with a wealthy aunt who never takes them to church. As Lillian marries and has children, she is ignorant of the Bible and drawn into a cult. Her Black housekeeper, Georgia, shares Christ and Lillian is torn with uncertainty, withdrawing from everyone. Ultimately, she discards the cult literature, goes to a Bible-teaching church and prays for salvation.

Program # 3257 “Loraine”

3257 "Loraine" (Abuse, Alcohol, Depression) Loraine grows up in the Depression, poor and hard-working. Her father makes the children work in the fields and takes their money to buy food. Loraine graduates and leaves home, marries a drunk and works hard to support their growing family. She is saved and the Lord sustains her. After 18 years of abuse she divorces, goes to college and slowly gets a degree. She remarries and is still happily married after 40 years.