Program #3510 Lottie Moon, Part 2

3510 Lottie Moon Part 2 (Womens Rights, Missions, War) When Lottie came back to the US to accompany her sick sister home from China, it would have been easy to stay in the comfortable American south. But Lottie had never chosen what was easy. She fought to educate the Baptists about the realities of missionary life in order to garner greater support. And, back in China, she continued her teaching and ministry. Through Lottie, hundreds of Chinese people came to know the love of Jesus. Her courage was unwavering even during the Boxer Rebellion when many Christians were persecuted. Her legacy of faith, strength and advocacy lives on today.

Program #3509 Lottie Moon, Part 1

3509 Lottie Moon Part 1 (Womens Rights, Missions, Education) Lottie came of age on a southern plantation during the Civil War. It was her fathers wish that she receive a great education, a rare priority for southern women in that time. Lottie went on to be recognized as the most educated woman in the south. Despite her early criticisms and ridicule of faith, Lottie ended up giving her life to Jesus at school. She followed her sister, Eddie, and fought to be one of few single women allowed to work as a missionary in China. Though she faced great hardship, she found her lifes purpose in teaching people about Jesus.

Program #3508 Diane Joy Truitt, Part 2 – PG

3508 Diane Joy Truitt Part 2 PG (Cconfusion, Drugs, Theft): Diane seeks counsel from a pastor but has no peace until she prays for salvation. Working minimum wage jobs, she keeps moving from one place to another. Finally, she moves into a small apartment and meets an older woman who mentors her in Christ. Diane makes restitution and passes the army test but goes to Bible college. There in her final year she meets Gary and they date and marry. Still in ministry.