Program # 3527 “Maggie Conrad”, Part 1 PG

3527 Maggie Conrad, Part 1 PG (Abuse, Violence, Sex) Maggie grew up in a splintered home with a stepfather who preyed on her from a young age. She struggled to find and maintain a loving relationship with a man. She was unfaithful to her husband and their divorce led her to a damaging relationship with a man from her work in the fitness world. At the same time, one of her clients brought her to church and Maggie began to discover Gods love. When she tries to end things with her abuser, she finds him unrelenting. Maggie ultimately takes refuge in God and her new community at church provides protection and healing.

Program #3524 Aiping Zhoy Classic

3524 Aiping Zhoy Classic (Chinese, Communism, Search for Truth) Aiping began her search for truth in Shanghai. When the government turned its back on her, she looked to science and technology. Her pilgrimage led her to middle-America where she was met with heartache and distrust. But eventually she found the truth and freedom she was looking for.