Program #3491 Wally Dove Classic

3491: Wally Dove Classic: (Cerebral Palsy, Ridicule): Wally was born with cerebral palsy. Parents not supportive; embarrassed by his disability. Struggles against stigma; gets polio at age 13 but not crippled. Saved at age 17 when a pastor invites him to church. Family ridicules his faith. Wally witnesses to others, able to work despite physical problems. Meets wife at Bible College, three daughters. Sees his boss and family saved. Dad seeks forgiveness before dying.

Program #3490 Shannon McKoy

3490: Shannon McCoy - PG: (Gluttony, Pre-Marital Sex, Divorce): Shannon was born to a loving mother and distant father. There were many formative women in her life early on, but she struggled to get affection from any men. So she turned to relationships to find security and love. After she finds Christ in college, she marries a man who cannot support her and falls into overeating and depression until she divorces him. Through Gods love and the encouragement of others, she finds purpose again and security in her heavenly Father.

Program #3489 Preston Alfred

3489: Preston Alfred: (Meaningless Life, Anger, Substance Abuse): Preston becomes addicted to alcohol at an early age. Then moves from cigarettes to weed, coke, cocaine, heroin and meth. When his father decides to be a preacher, Preston rebels, forcing his father to quit preaching. Then, he surprisingly accepts his brothers invitation to church, where learns that Jesus changes lives and lifts burdens. He is changed by Christ, joins Celebrate Recovery, eventually assumes a leadership position in C.R.

Program #3488 “Joy” Part 2 – PG

3488: Joy Part 2 PG: (Adultery, Sexual Trafficking): Joy and Bradley marry and have three sons when Joy learns that Bradley is having an affair. She runs to her mother, then to pastors and counselors trying to mend her life, but they are divorced. Joy then marries Alex, also divorced with a daughter. She regrets her decision and tries to get Alex to leave her but he stays, confident in Christ. Joys oldest son introduces her to a sexual trafficking ministry in which she still serves Christ.