Program #3462 Nobuya Matsuda Classic

3462 Nobuya Matsuda Classic: (Family, Persecution, Hope) In imperialist Japan, students are expected to bow down to the emperor and Shintoist shrines. But Nobuya Matsuda has been taught to worship God and God alone. He is a brilliant musician and his parents help him to follow what he believes at school and learn to express himself through music. But as he grows up and Japan grows more involved in World War Two, Nobuya is sent to work in an aircraft factory where he is punished for who He worships. Through his parents’ love and God’s faithfulness, Nobuya’s faith survives a flood, an air raid and an earthquake and offers him hope when he has no song left to sing.

Program #3461 Betty Jean Fink Classic

3461 Betty Jean Fink Classic: (Self-Sufficiency, Indifference, Misunderstood Sin) B.J. is born into a “perfect,” well-to-do family, and wanted to be the perfect Cinderella. Life came crashing down when her parents turned to drink and she learned she wasn’t perfect herself. When her navy pilot husband crashed and died, she turned to alcohol, partying, and promiscuousness. A second marriage was beginning to fall apart when she was invited to hear a Christian speaker and received Christ. Eventually her husband came to Christ, and B.J. became a Christian speaker and singer.

Program #3460 Inez Jones, Part 2

3460 Inez Jones, Part 2: (Divorce, Caregiver, Black) Wade divorces Inez and marries his girlfriend. Wade’s health deteriorates and he has a stroke. His wife puts him in a psychiatric hospital but a massive stroke leaves him a paraplegic and the wife doesn’t want his wheelchair in her home, so Carolyn asks if Wade can live with them. Inez cares for Wade through his unpleasant divorce and his last years; then she and Wade are remarried. Carolyn leads Wade to Christ before his death.

Program #3459 Inez Jones, Part 1

3459 Inez Jones, Part 1: (Rejection, Divorce, Black) Inez and her husband, Wade, resent mid-century racial discrimination. Wade craves affirmation from whites; but his musical ability and a Master’s degree aren’t enough. Both are religious but Inez is saved through a perspicacious stranger, altering her worldview. Wade continues in a hedonistic lifestyle that ends in adultery and divorce.