Program #3533 Stephen Welch

3533 Stephen Welch (Idolatry, Backsliding, Second Chances) With a wife and 4 children, a beautiful home, and a wildly successful company, Stephen Welch was living the American dream. They were attending church and even holding Bible studies, but something started to creep in and take the rightful place of God. He began to really like things: more vacations, bigger homes, another BMW. Stephen would go from riches to rags to a richness of a different kind.

Program #3532 Dee Dove

3532 Dee Dove (Forgiveness, Parental Rejection) Dee grows up with unloving parents. She goes to Bible college against their wishes, meets Wally, who has cerebral palsy, and they marry. They have three daughters but their marriage is a struggle against poverty and discrimination, trials that prepare Dee to help others.

Program #3531 “Huck Houser”

3531Huck Houser (Lack of love, Bootlegging, Anger) As a child, Huck was a boy nobody loved or wanted, and this lack of affection scarred his life and made him an angry man. When a girl he liked talked too much about religion, he walked out on her, but walked into a church. The pastor told Huck about Gods love and Huck immediately responded. Eventually, he became involved in showing love to at-risk children.