Program #3522 Manuel Mill, Part 2

3522 Manuel Mill, Part 2 (Temptation, Repentance, Discipleship) After leaving Cuba, Manuel Mill went from rags to riches. However, his lust for money made him a fugitive from the law. A life changing encounter with a holy God brought him back to the United States and a long prison term. But prison was exactly the place that God would use to disciple Manuel so that one day, he could disciple other men, who were once prisoners like he was.

Program #3521 Manuel Mill Classic, Part 1

3521 Manuel Mill Classic, Part 1 (Communism, Sacrifice, Temptation, Repentance) Growing up in Communist Cuba, Manny Mill witnessed his parents persecution for merely wanting to leave the country. Eventually settling in the US, Manny discovers a knack for making lots of money. Despite his success he agrees to launder money for a friend. Now wanted by the FBI he flees the country to South America. But under the influence of his godly parents, Manny surrenders to the authorities. Hes sentenced to a Federal prison where God will teach him what it means to be a true follower of Christ.

Program #3520 4th of July – A Nation Under God

3520 4th of July A nation Under God (Freedom of Religion/Speech, Patriotism) This special Independence Day episode tells the story of America: a story of liberty. First, freedom from Europe through the bravery of the revolutionaries and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers. Then freedom for all Americans through the benevolence of Lincoln and the sacrifice of its own people to war against the evils of slavery. Finally, a patriotic look at the military Wars of the 20th century, and the recognition of an enemy within thats trying to strip away our freedom of religion and speech.