Program # 3465 Wade & Lucille Bostic – Part 1

3465 Wade & Lucille Bostic – Part 1: (Abandonment, Alcohol) Wade and Lucille attend the same Kentucky high school but meet in Chicago and marry. Two sons are born but Wade’s drinking causes friction. They are ready to split when Lucille meets a Christian who leads her to Christ. Then Wade is saved and they serve in church until Lucille back pedals.

Program #3464 Richard Hall Classic

3464 Richard Hall Classic: (Alcoholism, Gambling) Richard Hall learned to drink and gamble at a young age from spending time with his father at a pool hall. Though he built a successful career in the Navy and raised a family, his drinking and gambling threatened his marriage. He attended church to keep up appearances, but later heard a lay preacher deliver a message that hit home. He went on to serve as a missionary in the Philippines and a pastor in Japan.