Program #3501 Walker Goad Classic

3501 Walker Goad Classic (Disability, Addiction) At fifteen, he was seriously paralyzed by polio. Some people would have given in. Walker Goad asked for difficult jobs, worked out with weights, and ran eight miles a day. He survived combat in WW 2, but almost didnt survive the peace that followed. As a career soldier, his duties included such oddities as taking charge of a reptile farm and learning to catch rattlesnakes free-hand. One of his other accomplishments was 32 martinis in one evening. But all these things proved to be only a prelude to a remarkable new career proving clearly that old soldiers never die.

Program #3500 Peter Rumachik Classic, Part 2

3500 Peter Rumachik Part 2: (Russian Persecution Deliverance) Having been released from a Soviet gulag for preaching the Gospel, Peter returns home to find himself again under the scrutiny of the secret police. His persecution continues, but he seeks Gods purpose in his hardships and has a positive impact on prisoners and officials alike. This story illustrates his God-given strength, and his continued witness amid severe adversity.

Program #3499 Peter Rumachik Classic, Part 1

3499 Peter Rumachik Part 1: (Russian Persecution, Hardship) Peter, living in Russia, receives Christ after the suicide of a close friend. Despite the Communists persecution of religion, he becomes a pastor, and faces persecution himself. Arrested for worshipping God, he is exiled to Siberia. He sees this as Gods assignment, and becomes the spiritual leader to a few believers. The group grows and becomes bold in proclaiming the Gospel.

Program #3498 Mary DeMuth – PG

3498 Mary DeMuth - PG: (Child Abuse, Forgiveness) Marys parents divorce when she is an infant. Her mother remarries several times. After kindergarten Mary goes to a babysitter who allows two teenage boys to take Mary out to play. Instead, they rape herdaily. Mary is too scared to tell anyone. Finally, she feigns napping for hours to avoid going with the perpetrators. Her fathers suicide when Mary is ten further traumatizes Mary. In high school Mary goes to a Christian camp where she is saved. She marries Patrick after college, has three children and a powerful ministry.