Program #3453 Arlene Blanchard, Part 1

3453 Arlene Blanchard Part 1: (Black, Army Vet, OK City Bombing) Arlene grows up in the projects of Cleveland with a single mother and younger brother. A fighter, she excels but has an abortion so she can join the army. Sex being her weakness, she uses others but helps her mother who comes to live with her in Alaska. The first part ends when Arlene is saved and transferred to Oklahoma City.

Program #3452 Bill Park Classic

3452 Bill Park Classic: (Search for Identity, God’s Plan/Purpose) Bill grew up in a Christian home with controlling parents. He felt he never could measure up to anyone’s expectations. After learning he was adopted by his father, he ran away to join the military. Through most of his adulthood, he doggedly pursued what he believed to be his purpose in life. However, God revealed to Bill that his love for music and singing would be the way in which he could serve God and His people.

Program #3450 Charlie Koch, Part 2

3450 Charlie Koch – Part 2: (Accident, Prison Ministry) Charlie meets Judy and shares his testimony with her. Thinking she is saved, he begins courting her. He proposes and they marry in spite of forewarnings to the contrary. Four years later, Charlie has a bad accident and Judy leaves him. Charlie continues to share Jesus, limping into prison ministry, where God blesses his teaching. Still in ministry.