Program #3449 Charlie Koch, Part 1

3449 Charlie Koch – Part 1: (Godless, Motorcycle Accident) As a child, Charlie idolizes his father and tries to be good to avoid spankings. As a teenager, he drinks with friends to have fun. After drinking too much one night he crashes his motorcycle that keeps running downhill, alerting rescue efforts. Charlie promises to follow God and his leg is not amputated. Eight years later Charlie keeps his vow, reads the Bible and is saved. The first part ends as his father lies dying.

Program #3448 Norman Joe Jackson Classic

3448 Norman Joe Jackson Classic: (Alcoholism, Violence) Norman joins the Army after high school at the onset of World War II. He witnesses the death of his best friend in Italy and experiences prejudice in South Carolina prior to discharge. Starting civilian life as an assistant cook in a hospital he eventually becomes an executive chef in a fancy hotel. Meanwhile, he destroys his marriage, family and career through alcohol. At the Baltimore Rescue Mission he receives Christ and starts working for the mission. In recognition of his humanitarian service to the city, Norman receives a prestigious award, giving glory to Jesus in his acceptance speech.

Program #3447 “Fern” Classic

3447 “Fern”: (Prostitution, Family, Forgiveness) When her father grows ill, Fern’s mother struggles to care for her seven children and enlists her daughters’ help in entertaining local men in her home. Fern reports her mother to the police and her family is scattered across various institutions and foster homes. As a young woman, Fern tries to find belonging in different cities and lines of work. An employer connects her to Pacific Garden Mission, where she is introduced to Christ. Through His love, she finds the courage to forgive herself and her mother.

Program #3446 Jahan Berns, Part 2

3446 Jahan Berns - Part 2: (Ugandan, Abortion) Jahan’s mother transfers her to an Islamic school. Disappointed, Jahan walks away from Christ, lives foolishly in law school and has an abortion. She tries to repent but gets pregnant again and vows to keep the baby in spite of shame. Finally, she humbles herself to her mother and lives for God. On a Christian dating site she meets Bob, an American, who comes to Uganda and they marry. Now they serve Christ in America.